• Who we are

    WOMEN NOW is a non-profit, feminist and multicultural organisation aiming at the promotion of gender equality and equal opportunities for our specific target population: migrant women, children, older persons and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

    Conceived out of a meeting of women with different backgrounds and profiles united by the same concerns about inequality, violence and discrimination against migrants, WOMEN NOW was launched in 2020, during the COVID-19 health crisis, to respond to the increase in violence against women amplified by the lockdown measures.

    This is our mission:

    • Fighting all forms of discrimination and violence against our target population (migrant women, children, older people and members of the LGBTQIA+ community).
    • Promoting the well-being, mental health, social inclusion and empowerment of migrants.
    • Advocating opportunity and access to dignified employment as well as a better appreciation of migrant workers.
    • Promoting lifelong learning.
    • Facilitating access to art and culture as well as promoting migrant female artists.
    • Promoting responsible food sovereignty and working towards the acquisition of healthy lifestyle habits (balanced and responsible food, dietetics, etc.) for all.
  • Our work


    WOMEN NOW has set up a social, psychological and legal counselling service for migrants in situations of vulnerability. 

    We offer help and support to enable migrants to understand and act within societal structures.

    You can contact us by e-mail (juridique-sociale@women-now.be) or phone (+32 [0]493 47 47 57). An appointment will be required.

    Victimes of gender-based violence

    Réseau Oasis is a temporary and confidential emergency hosting service launched by WOMEN NOW and provided by citizens for women (with or without children) and members of the LGTBIQIA+ community who are being victims of gender-based violence.

    Contact: info@reseauoasis.be


    All support and care services offered by WOMEN NOW are open and available to the migrant LGBTQIA+ community.

    In addition, WOMEN NOW takes action to fight violence against this community and to raise awareness on the subject.

    Check our News page to find out more about our current projects.

    Contact: info@women-now.be 

    Children, teenagers and youth

    WOMEN NOW offers a psychological counselling service for children who are victims of intrafamily violence or bullying, a psychosocial support service and a therapeutic space for children of gender-based violence victims.

    We also carry out several projects for young people, in particular concerning cyberbullying and the promotion of a safe and responsible use of social media.

    Find out more about our “Share and Like” awareness campaign. 

    Contact: shareandlike@women-now.be

    The elderly

    Often neglected, older people are also at the heart of our endeavours.

    The promotion of positive ageing and the fight against ageism (i.e., discrimination based on age) are two of our central goals.

    Notre voix” is an activity for older women which aims to debate and reflect on current social issues.

    Contact: info@women-now.be

    Volunteers and professionals

    WOMEN NOW works with committed individuals whose principles are in line with ours.

    We also offer training courses for professionals and volunteers in the community sector who wish to expand their field of action and deepen their knowledge in areas related to the main focus of our work (gender-based violence, migration, etc.).

    Check our Training page to learn more about our courses.

    Contact:  formation@women-now.be

    Other organisations

    WOMEN NOW cooperates with a network of organisations and services sharing common goals. Working in synergy is one of the pillars of our organisation’s activity.

    We also organise online debates and information sessions on migrants’ rights. 

    Contact: info@women-now.be

  • Our team

    • Co-Founder

      Sandra Murillo

      Sandra is our consultant in the area of training and communication.

    • Collaborator

      Fernanda Borges

      Fernanda is part of the psychology team and it is thanks to her that we can offer a listening service in Portuguese. She collaborates with Women Accueil and Réseau Oasis.

    • Co-Founder

      Mónica Valencia

      She is part of the board of directors of Women Now and also our consultant in the area of ​​management and projects.

    • Co-Founder

      Gledys Bravo

      She is part of the board of directors of Women Now, as well as our consultant in events and activities organisation.

    • Co-Founder

      Maday Valdés

      She is our clinical psychology service consultant and tutor for interns specialising in clinical therapy or psychology.

    • Co-Founder

      Sixta Bravo

      She is one of the co-founders of Women Now, the manager of Women Accueil’s social service and the coordinator of Réseau Oasis. Sixta is also in charge of the coordination and management of the training service.

    • Collaborator

      María Isabel Pastrana

      She is the clinical psychologist for Women Accueil and Réseau Oasis. Her main areas of work are related to migration processes, gender-based violence and trauma. María Isabel also participates in different training initiatives.

    • Co-Founder

      Gricela Bravo

      She is our consultant in the area of ​​cultural and artistic projects.

    • Co-Founder

      Gledys Bravo

      She is part of the board of directors of Women Now, as well as our consultant in events and activities organisation.

    • Co-Founder

      Andrea Rodríguez

      Andre Rodríguez is one of the co-founders and the legal coordinator at Women Now. Andrea is also in charge of the management and development of the project “Share and Like”, which deals with cyberharassment in social media platforms and “TransformationTIME”.

    • Co-Founder

      Laura Fernández

      She is one of the co-founders of Women Now and the coordinator of the psychology service for both the Women Accueil and the Résau Oasis programmes. Laura is also in charge of the “Notre voix” project.